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Oct 19, 2011 - I have set FlushModeType to COMMIT, but right after em.persist() call, the MANUAL for Hibernate Session, but it performs INSERT after

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MANUAL Flushing never occurs automatically, all changes are queued until the MANUAL. public static final FlushModeType MANUAL. Flushing never occurs Jun 14, 2012 - I have a problem with the flush Mode on a conversation. If I set the flush Mode to manual in the @Begin(..) annotation, Hibernate still populates MANUAL, join = true) public void selectRequest() (.I tried removing the manual flushing and I get the same issue. @Begin(flushMode=FlushModeType.MANUALsetProjection(Projections.rowCount()); FlushMode flushMode=session.getFlushMode(); session.setFlushMode(FlushMode.MANUAL); List results=criteria.

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What is FlushModeType.MANUAL? Well as you may know, the JPA standard only supports 2 FlushModeTypes: FlushModeType.COMMIT that null) { session.setFlushMode(flushMode); previousFlushMode=currentFlushMode; } else if (readOnly) { session.setFlushMode(FlushMode.MANUAL) When transaction declaration is defined in my .page.xml like this <begin-conversation join="true" flush-mode="manual" /> the conversation didn't know about Apr 23, 2009 - Hi I have a problem with the flushMode on a conversation. If I set the flushMode to manual in the @Begin(..) annotation, Hibernate stillEntityHome and flushmode.MANUAL14 Oct 2010manual flushMode in conversation need in session1 Mar 2010entityManager persist with manual flush mode18 Aug 2009flushMode=MANUAL does not work as expected30 Jul 2009More results from developer.jboss.orgFlushModeType (Hibernate JavaDocs) FlushModeType. java.lang. Deprecated. use MANUAL, will be removed in a subsequent release public static final FlushModeType MANUAL.

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